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Welcome to Crafty Productions!

Congratulations! You've made the ingenious decision to peruse the wares of the nefarious Dr Crafty on his official portfolio website!


Here you can watch as the dreadful dr Crafty, and his Affable Assistant; Nurse Worse, create all sorts of artistic atrocities on the Dr Crafty show!

Want something a little more character driven? Try our table top game series; CrafDnD! Where Crafty DMs his own games featuring his cast of friends!

Not enough for you? Well how about character designs decided by patreon sponsors?

Then you'll love the CharaCafe!

You still want more? Then there's also the Top 10 Tub! Where we count down our favorite characters from all sorts of topics!

Have a question for us that you want to see answered on the show? Become a patron and submit it to our resident psychic, who'll answer all queries from her Questionable Qloset!

Is there a character you'd like to see get a Crafty makeover? Then catch the Shake up Salon and see how we reimagine pop culture favorites!

And if you're the sort that likes their content live, we also do twitch streams of a variety of content regularly! You can even find highlight clips and vods right here!

There's plenty on offer here at Crafty Productions! Enjoy your stay, and lets get Crafty!

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