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With the latest episode of Dr Crafty, season 3 has finally concluded. It's been a challenge and a lot of fun, but now it's time for the crafty crew to go on a break.

We have plans to spend this hiatus before season 4 to produce lots of new and improved assets for the characters. New poses for the main cast, new merch products, new promo material for patreon and twitter ect.

So lots of huge updates to the brand as a whole. And you'll be able to witness the the develop as we plan to do more streams to show the process!

We hope you can pardon the construction going on as we make season 4 a better presentation for everyone involved.

Thank you all for the non stop continued support and look forward to more updates in the future!

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Congratulations to us! We've officially opened our Dr Crafty hub! Here, you'll find all things Crafty in one place! All the art is here, all the videos, all the extra bits and pieces you love about Crafty and his crew!

We hope you enjoy browsing all the Crafty content we have on offer, and you can look forward to this news blog updating whenever we have something new to tell you for future shenanigans!

For now though, thanks again for coming here today!

Signed; The Crafty Crew!

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