It's all fun and games here, literally~!
CrafDnD is our table top series where friends of the show join us and
play tabletop games together!

Join us bi-weekly for new episodes
of our ongoing campaign;The CHampion's Challenge!
As well as various one shots and more!

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Champ challenge logo.png

After graduating from the Grandure Champion's guild Academy, a newly formed band of adventurers set out on a journey to beat the champion's challenge! A continent wide gauntlet of challenges set by champions past, in order to earn the right to challenge the Grandure Grand champions!

Along the way though, Our heroes begin to uncover a strange mystery surrounding new and bizarre creatures with Dangerous powers...

Only time will tell what this could mean... hehe... 'Time'...

Meet the Players for our game!

Hitenmitsuru as Osra
- Half-orc Forge Cleric -

Kayden monroe as Calum
- Dragonborn mutant Bloodhunter -

7purplekirbies as Cerastes
- Yuan-ti divine soul Sorcerer/Hexblade Warlock -

Blazetheweirdo as Ash
- Aarakocra Phantom Rogue -

ScarletOtaku as Ophelia
- Dhampir Redemption Paladin/Profane Soul Bloodhunter -

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