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CRAFTY S4 promo art - Crafty.png

Voiced by: Alexander Tansley

The host of the Dr Crafty show and it's spin offs!

He's... Eccentric to say the least, egotistical to say the most.

The Mad lad is definitely ambitious if nothing else...

His goals are shrouded in mystery, though his past is slowly coming to the surface...

Dr Crafty

CRAFTY S4 promo art - Nurse.png

Nurse Worse

Voiced by: Corinne Sudberg

Crafty's right hand woman!

Nurse Worse, is intelligent, capable, and physically powerful! A perfect assistant to deal with all the Crazy occurrences on the show

She has all the best tips for improving your own artistic endeavors. So be sure to pay attention! There'll be a Quiz on this later...

CRAFTY S4 promo art - Pepper.png

Pepper + Pickles

Voiced by: Katy Johnson

Pepper is the shy and sweet chef of the Characafe. Crafty hired her on when he saw how miserable she was at her old job; a fish and chip shop... and now has her cooking up concoctions in his kitchen.

She's never seen without her precious partner, Pickles the sea cucumber.

CRAFTY S4 promo art - Messi.png

Voiced by: michaela Groves

The bubbly and bouncy maid

of the manor.

messi spends her days cleaning up the bathroom, where she and Crafty talk about all their favorite characters, from the comfort

of the top 10 tub!

Precocious and Flirty, she has her eyes on any number of cute ladies at any given time. Are Slimes usually this thirsty?


CRAFTY S4 promo art - Crystelle.png


Voiced by: Helen O'connor

The queen of Questions and

all-knower of answers.

Crystelle lives in Crafty's Questionable closet, and uses her psychic powers to reveal the secrets behind to cast to the adoring public.

She's mysterious and playful and will tell you all you wish to know... for a price.

Stylene redux.png


Voiced by: Elsie Lovelock

The former convict turned Crafty Co-host.

A stylist witch who's not all too happy to be working for the doctor, but given she's on restrictive probation from Salem Prison, she doesn't have much choice in the matter.... She's a sassy and blunt woman who'll tear you down before dressing you up.

She hosts the shake up salon, where characters are given a much needed makeover...

Sasha - both.png


Voiced by: Allison Seils

A mysterious being from Crafty's past, who harbors deep feelings for Crafty.

She disappears many years ago for reasons unknown to Crafty, but her divine connection to him is still strong...

She hides many secrets that are slowly coming to the surface.



Voiced by: xthedarkone

A grotesque woman(?) who has a deep rooted vendetta against Crafty, and seeks to exact her revenge in ridiculous (and often ineffectual) ways...

She's not the brightest knife in the shed, but at least she's persistent!

Metal Crafty.png

Dr Mindstein

Voiced by: Olivia Steele

The sadistic, cunning and cruel nemesis of Dr Crafty. She aims to claim the power of the Infinia, and her Daughter; Nurse Worse, is the key to her diabolical schemes.

There seems to be no heinous depths she won't sink to, and delights in her shameless villainy

One thing is for certain, unlike Crafty's past threats; Mindstein is no joke... 


Voiced by: Vanity Lang

Mindstein's right hand woman, and younger sister of Nurse Worse. 

She was designed to be stronger and faster than her sister, and be unbreakably loyal to her creator.

 Her stoic nature belies her absolute brutality. So watch out if she starts turning that screw...

Metal Crafty

Voiced by: ???

A murderous Metalic duplicate of Crafty, created by Dr Mindstein.

He's been designed with a single purpose, to Kill Crafty and take his heart to give to Mindstein.

Brutal and violent, Metal effectively and efficiently carries out his objective... aIf just to make the perpetual playback of Crafty's show stop.

More characters coming soon!

Our cast is always growing, but it can only do so with your help!

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