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Meet the Crafty Crew!

Here you'll find all the real life people behind the screams! We have a talented team of Writers, editors and Voice actors that bring each and every episode of Dr Crafty to life!


Check them all out and follow their social medias for all the secrets of the show production, as well as see what they do outside of the Crafty business! 


Alexander Tansley

The creator of Crafty Productions and lead director of the Crafty Crew!

Alex has been drawing since a young age, and first dreamed of using his talents to make videogames, but has since transitioned into speed art.

He created the Crafty show in an attempt to make speed art more engaging and entertaining to a modern youtube audience, and is slowly but surely changing the landscape of artistic entertainment on Youtube!

Corinne Sudberg

Corinne “Megami33” Sudberg is a professional voice actress and singer. She is known on Youtube for making English adaption covers from various Anime/Videogame franchies. 

She is also the official singer for the theme song to Bananya, "Lucky Holiday" from Discotek Media. She has worked with several studios providing voices for Funimation (Overlord S3) , Everest Productions (Pororo: A Christmas Special), Media Blasters (Holy Knight OVA, Ladies versus Butlers!) & Sound Cadence (Regalia: Of Men & Monarchs, Hells, Kemono Friends) to say a few as well as other indie developers/animations.

And of course, we can't forget to mention she voices the lovable assistant to the crazy Dr. Crafty, Nurse Worse! Corinne has always enjoyed Animation and teaching others to become better at their craft so she hopes you get a lot from watching the show!

Enjoy all of the Doctor's crazy creations and works of art! And hey? Maybe you'll learn something new from Nurse Worse as well~!

Michaela Groves

Michaela Groves is a voice actress, writer, and animator/artist for the Dr. Crafty show!

Michaela is in University to get a Bachelors in Animation. She has voice acted for a number of years, as well as creating art and acted (in person as well as voice).

Along with being a writer with Katy, she also plays the role of the bubbly maid, Messibelle. She hopes you enjoy the terrible puns, dumb references, and all the chaos that she brings to the table; all with an ear to ear smile.


Katy Johnson

Katy “KaniDay” Johnson is a Voice Actress and Writer for the Dr. Crafty Show! Katy has been Voice Acting for 5 years in various online animations/parodies and started her path to writing by creating skits to be performeed at anime conventions! She is a founding member of KRWBY Productions, currently a writer/voice actress for their show, and she also hosts 2 podcasts titled “Weird Flex, But Okay Podcast” and “Perpetually Ajar” ! She is very excited for the opportunity to work on this show and loves playing the lovable hostess Pepper and hopes you all enjoy the show as much as she enjoys working on it!

Helen O'conor

Helen 'Inrezairo' O'Connor is a voice actress for the character Madam Crystelle introduced in the 3rd season of the Dr Crafty show.

Helen has been voice acting as a hobby for the last 3 years and has appeared in various animations and video games as well as narrating audio stories. 

She is also the voice of the IVR system for the FTSE 250 company Travis Perkins and has been the voice greeting guests to the Venture Theatre for the last 15+ years.

She was thrilled to join the Crafty family and is looking forward to many future seasons.

Elsie Lovelock

Elsie Lovelock is a singer, voice actress and YouTuber. She is currently best known for providing the singing voice of Charlie in VivziePop's YouTube animated hit, Hazbin Hotel. She has voiced in a plethora of video games, mobile games and online animations, including voicing for YouTube channels such as Team Four Star, ScottFalco, ScrewAttack!, SrPelo, and many more. You may also have heard her voice as the meme, the "Scottish Pokemon Trainer"! Some of her video game credits include “Sigrid” and “Nuru” from the Chucklefish title Wargroove, “Sanders” in PAYDAY: Crime War, “Vellatrix” and “Roxxy” in the dating sim Crush Crush, the vocalist of the theme song for the Nintendo Switch game Never Stop Sneakin, and much more. Other titles she will be lending her voice to in the future include the sequel to the popular dating sim game, HuniePop 2, and the upcoming horror game, Remothered: Broken Porcelain as the lead character, Jennifer. In Dr. Crafty, she has voiced Craftette, Nurse Millie, and Stylene!

Lauren Medeiros

Lauren Medeiros, aka. "SkittlezJuice" is a freelance digital artist, and the official thumbnail artist for the Crafty Crew! Lauren has followed an artistic path for most of her life. However it wasn't until 3 years of college, studying a major she found no interest in, that she discovered the full extent of her passion. She now works independently, pursuing her dreams via commission work in hopes that she can expand her artistic career even further in the future! She is thrilled to have become a member of such a creative team, and hopes that you all enjoy what she has to offer!

Alex Rochon


Alex Rochon is a professional voice actor and video editor currently lending both these skills to Doctor Crafty! Though most well-known for his time on YouTube making Top Ten videos about video games, Alex has lent his voice to a wide variety of projects; these range from hobby channels like Zelda Universe, to indie games, and a series of explainer videos for the City of Hamilton, Ontario about toilet safety, where he voiced multiple talking pieces of poop… yes, really. As a video editor, Alex has previously worked full-time crafting tutorials and promotional videos for a Toronto-based social media company, LifeTales Family Journals.

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