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Here you can find all the actors and actresses who lend their voices to the dozens of gags and pop culture characters on our show! Check out their work!

Our Voice actors!

Casey K.

Roles: Professor Merry, Professor Molly


Daniel Smith

Roles: Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki


Alex Rochon

Roles: Bill Cipher, Walt Disney, Pokemon OCs, Prince Sidon, Morrigan’s Manager, Emergency Room Doctor, The Boogieman, as Himself


D. Tyler Fultz

Roles: Jedah Dohma, Gerald the Gengar, Character Crank, Pokemon Narrator 2, Speedwagon Announcer, Jack Skellington, Captain Barbossa, Daruk, Donkey Kong Announcer, The Engineer, The Medic, Alucard, Fight Announcer, Saitama, Leo Whitefang, Rob Otto, Howard Crafterson, 60’s Narrator, Tenya Iida, Shota Aizawa, Rikido Sato, Mezo Shoji, Deadpool



Roles: Aoyama



Roles: Meowth, Revali, Ken Masters, Zenyatta, Solaire , Bakura, Duke Crocodile, Davy Jones, Lion-O, Shaggy Rogers, Dragonball Z Annoucer, Mega Con Annoucer, Peter Porcupine, Snowflame, The Ultimate Warrior, Mickey Mouse, Kirishima



Roles: Infinite The Jackal


Lucas Bradley

Roles: Lord Raptor, Ugandan Knuckles, Knight Who Says "Weeb", Rotom Pokedex, Sasuke Cosplayer, SeaWorld Employee


RM-Keyblade-Mistress / Rebekah K.

Roles: Dark Magician Girl Cosplayer



Roles: GameStop Employee, Anti-Venom, Glister, Robin, Figment


Roles: BatBaby

Stacey Cotham

Roles: Reporter, Cass, Maidbot, Henrietta and Hylda, Orca, Yaomomo, Jirou, and Tsuyu

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